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Multiple logistics options
Multiple price options

  • Airline

    ★ Parcel real-time tracking.

    ★ The tariff is economical.

    ★ Professional destination clearance.

  • Sea line

    ★ Super cost-effective shipping.

    ★ Real-time parcel status updates.

    ★ duty free, door to door.

  • Express delivery

    The system is under development

Transshipment process

  • 1.Get the transfer address

    Buy your own goods

    Shipment to non-transportation logistics address

  • 2.China warehouse receipt

    Goods arrive at non-transit logistics

    Inspection, weighing, storage

  • 3.Submit a combined request

    If you choose a box to add value

    Service selection requires a boxed package

    Submit a combined application

  • 4.User payment

    Sign in to the website to pay online

    Payment completed, non-transit logistics delivery

  • 5.Distribution

    Parcel air or sea

  • 6.Confirm receipt

    Sign for the parcel